Clash of Realities 2017 (Köln, 06.-08.11.): CfP Media Education Summit: "Ethics Beyond Gameplay - Politics, Economy, Society"

"Clash of Realities"

International Conference on the Art, Technology and Theory of Digital Games 


 Call for the Summit

„Ethics Beyond Gameplay – Politics, Economy, Society“

                                                                                Cologne, Nov 07, 2017 

Digital games play an increasingly large role in the everyday life of more and more people. This development has been expedited by the evolution of the smart phone to a mobile gaming platform as well as the rise of social and casual games and their easy to learn user interfaces. The digital game industry has been among the most profitable sectors of the culture- and creative-industries for many years. Digital games are also widely discussed in the sociopolitical context – beyond the topics of addiction and violence. Apart from their function to entertain people, they are also becoming more relevant as means to educate and inform. All these developments are accompanied by various ethical concerns. We will touch on these topics at the Media Education / Media Ethics Summit “Ethics Beyond Gameplay – Politics, Economy, Society” at this year’s Clash of Realities Conference, where we will approach ethical and moral issues around gaming that affect the social, economic and political dimensions of gaming as a cultural phenomenon. The summit is hosted by the Institue of Media Research and Media Education of the TH Köln and Electronic Arts Germany and will take place on November 07th, 2017. We are looking to discuss the various topics in the form of workshops and talks presenting concepts and research findings.


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